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Property Law

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Property law as one of the most interesting branches of law, it includes regulations of buying or leasing an apartment or a house, rules for concluding usufruct contract, superficies or habitation contract. Thailand laws in general are known to be very strict and even cruel, for example, Thailand’s criminal law predicts death sentence for drug trafficking offense. Property law is a little less strict, probably because it was drafted on the model of European law. Still there are some differences between Thailand’s law and the regulations in Europe.


If you are a foreigner and you want to move to Thailand, you should know that there is no chance, or very little chance under special conditions, for you to buy a house, an apartment or real-estate in general in Thailand. It would be very cruel thing to say that there is no chance absolutely of owning a house in Thailand, that is why their law says that individual foreigners can buy certain real estates, but under special conditions. No matter how wealthy are you, it won’t have an impact on Thailand government to allow you to buy a house.

Certain individuals may buy real estates of the certain size, in the certain area, and that is not all, they also must have a written approval of the Minister of the Interior.

This process is very complicated, so persons who wanted to buy a house in Thailand quickly give up on that idea. Above all that, if you get a permit to buy a house, there is one thing that is even more important to know and that is that you cannot leave it to your children or your relatives, the ownership of your house ends with your life, inheritance is not allowed. For more info check daytona business lawyer.

If you have a different plan and you want to marry a Thailand resident so that you could own some of these property laws, you should know that even if you are married to Thai citizen, you do not have the right to buy real-estates, under any circumstances, moreover if your spouse buys a house, you will have to sign the contract that it is his or hers personal property. No matrimonial property is allowed in Thailand.

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